One on One Coaching

Athlete Centered, Coach Driven and Performance Focused
CoachingOur more traditional One on One coaching program is designed for people who want individualized guidance to reach their potential and is only available for athletes in North Atlanta.  This option is suitable for people of all levels: beginner, advanced or elite that want to work towards their specific goal races. Our One on One triathlon coaching option is designed specifically for:

  • – Triathletes that want an individual approach and sessions targeted at the areas they need to improve
  • – Triathletes that want individual session content including drills and session structures designed to improve key areas of weakness

All sessions in this program are written for the individual around a training structure that suits you and your lifestyle.  Your training phases for the season are planned so that you can reach peak fitness at the right time for your targeted races.

Personal Training/CoachingWith the most advanced App

You can:.
  • – View your programs with videos and descriptions of every sessions.
  • – Record exercise results in seconds. Faster than on any other app.
  • – Film your exercise technique, then view it alongside correct demo videos. These videos instantly upload in to your account
  •    so that you can receive expert guidance.
  • – Record and track nutrition habits, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats, activity levels and more.
  • – Take and save progress photos instantly.
  • – View your coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents etc.
  • – And fill in a food diary or adherence chart.

Our One on One coaching package includes:

Coaching cost per month $175
All INCLUSIVE PACKAGE – including all Arctec squad sessions in GA $225 / month
Full access to our coaching App Included
Typical expected contact Weekly
Email response time 0-48 hours
Minimum Term 3 months
Training Peaks Account Online Basic
Training Program Fully personalized
Coached sessions included All Arctec Swim, Run and Bike sessions
Heart Rate / Power used for session structure Yes
Individual Heart Rate / Power Zones prepared for you Yes
Typical communication method Sessions / Email / Phone / Text / Our App
Training program modifications 1 adjustment Bi-weekly
Advanced Race Strategy Planning Yes
121 Swim Analysis Sessions Available as an additional service
Fitness assessment Monthly
Skype Optional 30 min Skype (or face to face if local) conversation by appointment weekly

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